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post box, Rusland
locality:-   Rusland Cross
locality:-   Rusland
civil parish:-   Colton (formerly Lancashire)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   post box (wall) 
coordinates:-   SD33948886
1Km square:-   SD3388
10Km square:-   SD38

BLU54.jpg  Cast iron post box in a wall; GR.
(taken 7.4.2006)  

BZE88.jpg (taken 5.2000)  courtesy of Dori and Geoff
BZE87.jpg (taken 5.2000)  courtesy of Dori and Geoff
This small lamp box is set in the boundary wall opposite Rusland Hall Gatehouse, a delightful feature of its rural location. We could hear, but not see, a large number of bees next to this box.

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