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Burnmoor stone circles, Eskdale
Low Longrigg SW Stone Circle
Low Longrigg NE Stone Circle
White Moss SW Stone Circle
White Moss NE Stone Circle
Brat's Hill Stone Circle
locality:-   Low Longrigg
locality:-   White Moss
locality:-   Burnmoor
locality:-   Eskdale Moor
civil parish:-   Eskdale (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   stone circle
coordinates:-   NY17230257 (average) 
1Km square:-   NY1702
1Km square:-   NY1724
10Km square:-   NY10

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BYG32.jpg  Two of the circles.
(taken 27.4.2013)  

evidence:-   old map:- OS County Series (Cmd 79 10) 
placename:-  Druidical Temples
source data:-   Maps, County Series maps of Great Britain, scales 6 and 25 inches to 1 mile, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, from about 1863 to 1948.

evidence:-   old map:- Garnett 1850s-60s H
placename:-  Druid Stones
source data:-   Map of the English Lakes, in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, scale about 3.5 miles to 1 inch, published by John Garnett, Windermere, Westmorland, 1850s-60s.
"Druid Stones"
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item:-  JandMN : 82.1
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BYG27.jpg (taken 27.4.2013)  
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BYG28.jpg (taken 27.4.2013)  
circle E

BYG29.jpg (taken 27.4.2013)  
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BYG30.jpg (taken 27.4.2013)  
circle D ?

BYG31.jpg (taken 27.4.2013)  
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BYG32.jpg (taken 27.4.2013)  
circle C ?

Burnmoor A - ruinous ring of perhaps 15 stones, once, 21.7x20.4m; about NY17110273.
Burnmoor B - 9 stones, circle 15.2m diameter; about NY17140276.
Burnmoor C - 14 stones left, many fallen, circle about 16.6m diameter; about NY17260239.
Burnmoor D - 11 stones in a circle about 16.2m diameter; about NY17300241.
Burnmoor E - 40+ stones in circle about 30.4m diameter. Local Eskdale granite. Thom type A flattened circle; about NY17360233.
Matching the five circles on the OS map to the five descriptions, A..E, is not helped by published sources using inadequate 6 figure grid references.

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Thom, A: 1967: Megalithic Sites in Britain: Oxford University Press (Oxford, Oxfordshire)
Burl, H A W: 1976: Stone Circles of the British Isles: Yale University Press (United States)

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