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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   SD37


SD36797584 Brackenrigg (Lower Holker)
SD36687583 cross, Flookburgh (Lower Holker) L
SD36817584 Crown Inn (Lower Holker) L
SD36667583 drain, Flookburgh (Lower Holker)
SD36667582 drain, Flookburgh (2) (Lower Holker)
SD36537556 Field Head (Lower Holker) L
SD36637582 Flookburgh (Lower Holker)
SD36697574 Flookburgh Farm (Lower Holker) L
SD36617581 Flookburgh Village Hall (Lower Holker)
SD36667582 Brooke Supplies (Lower Holker)
SD36667582 Salon, The (Lower Holker) L
SD36477585 Flookburgh: Main Street, 41 (Lower Holker) L
SD36467586 Flookburgh: Main Street, 45 (Lower Holker)
SD36417585 Flookburgh: Main Street, 53 (Lower Holker) L
SD36397585 Flookburgh: Main Street, 57 (Lower Holker) L
SD36357586 Flookburgh: Main Street, 82 (Lower Holker) L
SD36717582 Flookburgh: Market Street, 16 (Lower Holker)
SD36717582 Flookburgh: Market Street, 18 (Lower Holker) L
SD36747583 Flookburgh: Market Street, 22 (Lower Holker) L
SD36737584 Flookburgh: Market Street, 27 (Lower Holker) L
SD36807586 Flookburgh: Market Street, 43 (Lower Holker) L
SD36697584 Paul's Butchers (Lower Holker)
SD366758 Philip Shaw joiner (Lower Holker)
SD36307585 Hillside Cottage (Lower Holker)
SD36747584 house, Flookburgh (Lower Holker)
SD36477586 house, Flookburgh (2) (Lower Holker)
SD36347586 house, Flookburgh (3) (Lower Holker)
SD36717582 house, Flookburgh (4) (Lower Holker)
SD36447581 Lakeland Miniature Village (Lower Holker)
SD36717584 Late Kings Arms, The (Lower Holker) L
SD36527555 Lilac Cottage (Lower Holker) L
SD36507587 Old Post Office, The (Lower Allithwaite)
SD36637587 Old School House, The (Lower Holker)
SD36667584 post office, Flookborough (Lower Holker)
SD36997584 railway bridge, Flookburgh (2) (Lower Holker)
SD361753 Ravenstown (Lower Holker)
SD36437585 Rock Cottage (Lower Holker) L
SD366758 St John's Church (Lower Holker) gone
SD36487584 Whitewell House (Lower Holker) L
SD36657584 flounders (Lower Holker)
SD36357585 I and K McClure, fisherman (Lower Holker)
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