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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   SD28


SD21208760 Aitken House (Broughton West) L
SD21178753 Barclays Bank (Broughton West)
SD21048750 bench mark, SD21048750 (Broughton West)
SD21188753 Black Cock Inn (Broughton West) L
SD21008752 boundary stone, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West)
SD21288741 Broughton Fire Station (Broughton West)
SD21148728 Broughton Goods Junction (Broughton West)
SD21158752 Broughton House (Broughton West) L
SD21238741 Broughton in Furness Station (Broughton West)
SD21228747 Broughton Station (Broughton West)
SD21178752 Broughton Village Bakery (Broughton West)
SD21178756 Broughton in Furness: Griffin Street, 1 (Broughton West)
SD21218761 NFU Mutual (Broughton West)
SD21258757 Broughton in Furness: Square (Broughton West) L
SD21208761 Square Cafe, The (Broughton West)
SD21198751 Melvile Tyson green grocer and butcher (Broughton West)
SD21248745 Broughton Mart (Broughton West)
SD21398791 Broughton Tower (Broughton West) L
SD21178753 Cobblers Cottage (Broughton West) L
SD214879 dovecote, Broughton Tower (Broughton West)
SD21198734 Broughton in Furness Engine Shed (Broughton West) gone
SD21228757 George III Monument, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West) L
SD21198759 Grovelands (Broughton West) L
SD21208756 Langholme House (Broughton West) L
SD21238757 Manor Arms (Broughton West)
SD21248753 Mountain Centre, The (Broughton West)
SD21048751 Old School, The (Broughton West)
SD21328749 Parsonage Room, The (Broughton West)
SD21008751 Peel House (Broughton West)
SD21208763 police station, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West)
SD21248750 post box, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West)
SD21248750 Broughton Post Office (Broughton West)
SD21348752 railway bridge, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West) gone
SD21228758 seat, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West) L
SD21468780 stile, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West)
SD21228757 stocks, Boughton in Furness (Broughton West)
SD21028751 stop cock, Broughton in Furness (Broughton West)
SD21188757 stop cock, Broughton in Furness (2) (Broughton West)
SD21238753 Brought Town Hall (Broughton West) L
SD21188745 Victory Hall (Broughton West)
SD2187 King's Head Inn (Broughton West)
SD21138748 Old King's Head (Broughton West) L
SD21218756 Broughton in Furness (Broughton West)
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