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 Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn
Wythburn Chapel, Wythburn: notes about bells

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Canon Rawnsley wrote about the bell, 1894:-
"We have come "over t' Raaise Gap" now. We are in Manchester at the Lakes. ... That brand-new bell and its brand-new belfry of the little Wythburn Church is a bit of Manchester work ... For how many years the little bell had hung in its simple cobble-stone rough-cast belfry at Wythburn Chapel one cannot say. ..."
"In a moment, at the bidding of new lords of the soil, the rough old things are demolished; replaced by something spick, span, and new. One almost wishes the good fairies would take away in the night the well-dressed stones and build up again that queer old cobble belfry; one would forgive the parish clerk, if next Sunday he should be found as his fore-elder in the office at Wythburn was once found, "astride of the roof-ridge waiting to give the 'third ring' to call the worshippers to prayer." On asking that clerk of olden time why he was perched roof-high, his answer to the Wythburn priest was, "O Sir, Jemmy Hawkrigg brak yan o' his car reapps tudder day i' t' hayfield, and they gat t' bell reapp an's forgitten to bring 't back ageaan, seah I've been fworst to git up on t' riggin and ring wi' my hands, and I thowt it was neah use comin' doun ageaan between time and I'se stoppan to give t' third round and than I'se be wi' ye.""

Rawnsley 1894

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