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 St Ninian, Brougham
St Ninian, Brougham: cross slabs
locality type:-   cross slab

evidence:-   old text:- Harper 1907
source data:-   HP01p120.txt
Page 120:-  "..."
"The Brougham family, still owning the Hall [Brougham], trace their descent from Saxon times, and one of their ancestors, referred to as "Brum," fortified his residence here so long ago as 1284."
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"An early ancestor was Udard De Broham, a crusader, who died in 1185. "His soul is with the saints, we trust": but his skull, ravished from his grave in Brougham Church, grins from its glass case in Brougham Hall, and his trusty sword, that had been buried with him, is near by. It was in 1846, when repairs were in progress at the church, that the skeleton of Udard was discovered, beneath the inscribed slab pictured here, a mere two feet deep. He had been laid here cross-legged and spurred on one heel. With him had been buried a fragment of glass of Phoenician manufacture, blue inside, but externally patterned in black and white"
Page 121:-  "stripes not unlike the striped peppermint sweets still dear to rural youth. This was considered a talisman, or luck-compelling object, in the superstitious age in which Udard flourished, and was doubtless brought by him from Palestine and buried with him as his most prized possession."
"Nine ancient De Brohams in all were discovered at this time, including the remains of Gilbert, son of Udard,a man of gigantic size, who died in 1230. A curious enamelled metal circlet, of beautiful workmanship, and in perfect preservation, lay beside him; and his grave was duly rifled of it."
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CBX12.jpg (taken 24.10.2014)  
CBX13.jpg (taken 24.10.2014)  

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Outside, N and S sides of the buttress at the east end.

CBX23.jpg  Cross slab; Odard and Gilbert de Burgham, father and son.
(taken 24.10.2014)  
CBX22.jpg (taken 24.10.2014)  

4 cross slab grave covers; 3 in church floor, 1 outside by south wall.

Ryder, Peter: 2001: Cross Slab Grave Covers of Cumbria: Cumbria CC (Carlisle, Cumbria)

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