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 St Michael, Hawkshead
St Michael, Hawkshead: memorials
locality type:-   church memorial
locality type:-   coat of arms
locality type:-   effigy

BSD80.jpg  Sandys memorial, the parents of Bishop Edwin Sandys.
(taken 16.9.2005)  
Translated by Dr J E Sandys, public orator at St John's College, Cambridge:-
"Buried beneath this tomb lie William Sanders"
"And his Consort, Margaret:"
"Happy her name, happy her name and fame;"
"He an Esquire who rejoiced in his day in labour of Princes;"
"She a Pattern to all, holy and saintly in life."
"Happy were they in their home in the equal lot of their wedlock;"
"Blest in their wealth and their faith;"
"Blest in their sires and their sons."
"Great were the pledges of favour divine they received in abundance;"
"Greatest of all was the fame won them by Edwin their son."
"Doctor was he, and Proctor, and Head"
"of a college at Cambridge;"
"Thrice as a Bishop enthroned;"
"Thrice he was head of a See."
"They that were one in their life, and their love,An their hallowed affection,"
"Resting beneath this stone wait for the life to come."

BSD81.jpg  Sandys memorial, coat of arms
(taken 16.9.2005)  

(taken 20.9.2013)  
BZI24.jpg  Coat of arms.
(taken 20.9.2013)  

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