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race course, Blencarn
locality:-   Blencarn
civil parish:-   Culgaith (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   race course (once) 
1Km square:-   NY6331 (about) 
10Km square:-   NY66

Edmund Sandford, 1675:-
"[The most famous horse course there for a free plate on Midsummer day yearly. And the first founder thereof, Squire Richard Sandford, younger brother of Thomas Sandford, of Askham, was bred up with the Earl of Northumberland, master of his horse, and a brave huntsman, persuaded Lord Wharton and Cheviler Musgraves, who had a brave breed of horses, to contribute to the prize of plate ~20 yearly, and the famous horse courser of England, the quondam Duke of Buckingham, had a horse called Conqueror; and the Earl of Morraryes' wily horse, Fox, running here for ~100, but the Conqueror conqest him, and won the money. The night before was the most terriblest blast was ever blowen. Churches, towers, trees, steeples, houses, all feeling the furie of the furies thereof, for without peradventure the devil astir, whether of England or Scotland I cannot tell, but the English horse got the prize. The great ffores of trees was so blowen down across the way as we had much ado to ride through them. Yet not so bad a blast as the usurping Oliver had when the devil blew him out of this world, God knows whither.]"
the meeting was founded about 1630.

Fairfax-Blakeborough 1950

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