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 Christ Church, Ivegill
sundial, Ivegill (2)
Wings of Peace Sundial
locality:-   Christ Church
locality:-   Ivegill
civil parish:-   Skelton (formerly Cumberland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   sundial
locality type:-   sculpture
coordinates:-   NY41884326
1Km square:-   NY4143
10Km square:-   NY44

BWR79.jpg (taken 8.6.2012)  
BWR80.jpg (taken 8.6.2012)  
An obelisk surmounted by a dove symbol, which is a sundial. Created by Brian Cowper, 2009. The three 'buttons' below the gnomon mark the summer solstice, equinoxes, and winter solstice.

CFO73.jpg (taken 7.10.2016)  

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