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Castle Head Hill, Meathop and Ulpha
Castle Head Hill
locality:-   Castle Head
civil parish:-   Meathop and Ulpha (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   hill
coordinates:-   SD42137968
1Km square:-   SD4279
10Km square:-   SD47
altitude:-   121 feet
altitude:-   37m

evidence:-   old print:- Ayton and Daniell 1814-25
item:-  seagullobelisk
source data:-   Print, hand coloured aquatint, Castlehead, Westmoreland, drawn and engraved by William Daniell, probably published by Longman and Co, Paternoster Row, and W Daniell, 9 Cleveland Street, Fitzroy Square, London, 1816.
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The view is before the Meathop Embankment was made for the Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway. 
printed at bottom:-  "Castle-head, Westmoreland. / Drawn & Engraved by Willm. Daniell. / Published by Messrs.Longman & Co, Paternoster Row, &W. Daniell, 9 Cleveland St. Fitzroy Square, London, Feby. 1,1816."
item:-  private collection : 210
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