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Jefferys 1770
(5Km square roughly corresponding to Jefferys 1770 NY40SE, plus overlaps, North at the top; the original map is printed with North at the top)

item:-  National Library of Scotland : EME.s.47
image:-  © National Library of Scotland
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places may or may not be labelled on the map

button -- barn, Longsleddale -- "Chapel House"
button -- Beech Hill Wood
button -- Beech Hill -- "Bitch Hill"
button -- Bell Green -- "Well Green"
button -- Black Beck
button -- Brow Top Farm -- "Brow Top"
button -- Dockernook Wood
button -- Goose Howe -- "Goose How"
button -- Green Quarter Fell -- "GREEN QUARTER"
button -- Green Quarter -- "Green Quarter"
button -- Hollin Root -- "Hollin Foot"
button -- Kent, River -- "Kent R." -- "Kent R." -- "KENT RIVER"
button -- Kentmere Tarn -- "The Tarn"
button -- Kentmere -- "Kentmere"
button -- Kilnstones Wood
button -- Kilnstones -- "Gill Stone"
button -- Longsleddale -- "Long Sleddale"
button -- Low Bridge
button -- Garnett Bridge to Sadgill
button -- Staveley to Kentmere
button -- Skeggles Water -- "Skeggles Water"
button -- Skeggleswater Dike
button -- Sleddale Forest -- "SLEDDALE FOREST"
button -- St Cuthbert's Church
button -- St Mary's Church
button -- Ullthwaite Bridge
button -- Ullthwaite Mill
button -- Ullthwaite -- "Ulthwaite"
button -- Underhill House -- "Under Hill"
button -- Wads Howe -- "Wads How"
button -- Wadshowe Bridge
button -- White Howe -- "White How"

civil parishes

The area roughly includes parts of parishes:-

    Over Staveley
    Strickland Roger

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