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Places A..Z

Place names read off Burghley's Map of the border country 1590, with the national grid overlaid by an approximate process.
Places are in alphabetical order of the Identified place.

map place identification / evidence map square
Kirckpatrik Kirkpatrick-Fleming / labelled Kirckpatrik; circle, tower M048NY27.jpg
Cliffe, Ye Cliff in Kirklinton / labelled ye Cliffe; circle, tower M048NY46.jpg
Kirsopheade Kershopehead in Bewcastle / labelled kirsopheade; written along the Kershope Burn M048NY58.jpg
Kirsopfoote Kershopefoot in Nicholforest / labelled kirsopfoote; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
building/s Stonegarthside Hall in Nicholforest / labelled Ro. forsters; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
Staingarthsyde Stonegarthside in Nicholforest / labelled Staingarthsyde; circle, tower, cross M048NY47.jpg
Rutherforde Rutherford (?) in Nicholforest / labelled Rutherforde; circle, tower, cross M048NY47.jpg
Haythuaite Haithwaite in Nicholforest / labelled Haythuaite; circle, tower M048NY47.jpg
Rydings, Ye Riddings in Kirkandrews / labelled ye Rydings; circle, tower M048NY47.jpg
Mote, Ye Highmoat in Kirkandrews / labelled ye mote; circle, tower, cross M048NY47.jpg
Netherbie Netherby in Arthuret / labelled Netherbie; circle, tower, cross M048NY47.jpg
Longtowne Longtown in Arthuret / labelled Longtowne; circle, tower M048NY46.jpg
Burnfoote, Ye Burnfoot in Arthuret / labelled ye burnfoote; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Leven flu. Lyne, River in Arthuret etc / labelled Leven flu; river M048NY36.jpg
Eden flu. Eden, River in Bowness etc / labelled Eden flu; river M048NY35.jpg
Thomwhathill Todhills in Rockcliffe / labelled Thomwhathill; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Rokelif Castel Rockcliffe Castle in Rockcliffe / labelled Rokelif. cast; perhaps circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Carlisle Carlisle / labelled Carlisle; circle, buildings or walls, two towers M048NY35.jpg
bridge Eden Bridge in Carlisle; bridge over the Eden at Carlisle M048NY35.jpg
Blak Leven flu. Black Lyne in Bewcastle / labelled Blak. leven flu.; river M048NY58.jpg
White Leven flu. White Lyne in Stapleton etc / labelled white leven flu; river M048NY57.jpg
Kirkbeck flu. Kirk Beck in Askerton / labelled kirkbeck flu; river M048NY67.jpg
Bewcastell Bew Castle in Bewcastle / labelled Bewcastell; circle, buildings or walls, tower M048NY57.jpg
Bailie, Ye Bailey in Bewcastle / labelled ye Bailie; circle, tower, cross M048NY57.jpg
Troughead Trough Head in Solport / labelled Troughead; circle, tower M048NY57.jpg
Comcrook Cumcrook in Stapleton / labelled Comcrook; circle, tower M048NY56.jpg
building/s Cumcrook in Stapleton / labelled John Comcrook; circle, tower; across the river from Cumcrook M048NY47.jpg
building/s Cumcrook in Stapleton / labelled John Comcrook; circle, tower; across the river from Cumcrook M048NY47.jpg
locality in Solport / labelled Willie Toms; circle, tower M048NY47.jpg
Harperhill Harperhill in Stapleton / labelled harperhill; circle, tower M048NY46.jpg
Sowtermore Soutermoor in Stapleton / labelled Sowtermore; circle, tower M048NY46.jpg
Withiescloss Whiteclose in Arthuret / labelled withiescloss; circle, tower M048NY47.jpg
Brackenhill Brackenhill Tower in Arthuret / labelled bracke~hill; symbol not clear M048NY46.jpg
Kirklinton Kirklinton in Kirklinton Middle / labelled kirklinton; circle, tower M048NY46.jpg
Pearepeale in Kirklinton Middle / labelled Pearepeale; circle, tower M048NY46.jpg
Brunskath flu. Brunstock Beck in Stanwix Rural etc / labelled Brunskath flu; river M048NY46.jpg
Troute Beck Gair Burn in Bewcastle / labelled Troute beck; river M048NY67.jpg
Irthinge flu. Irthing, River in Brampton etc / labelled Irthinge flu; river M048NY56.jpg
Gelt flu. Gelt, River in Brampton etc / labelled Gelt flu; river M048NY55.jpg
Hartleburne Hartley Burn in Northumberland / labelled hartleburne; river M048NY65.jpg
South Tyne flu. South Tyne, River in Alston Moor / labelled S. Tyne flu.; river M048NY64.jpg
Bolness Bowness-on-Solway in Bowness / labelled Bolness; circle, tower M048NY26.jpg
Cardronock Cardurnock in Bowness / labelled Cardronock; circle, tower M048NY26.jpg
Whitrigge Whitrigg in Kirkbride / labelled whitrigge; circle, tower M048NY25.jpg
Wampoole flu. Wampool, River in Holme East Waver etc / labelled Wampoole flu.; river M048NY25.jpg
bridge New Bridge in Holme Abbey etc; bridge over the Waver M048NY15.jpg
bridge in Woodside etc; bridge over the Wampool M048NY24.jpg
Skinburness Skinburness in Silloth-on-Solway / labelled Skinburness; circle, tower M048NY15.jpg
Chappel of ye Grune Chapel of the Grune in Silloth-on-Solway / labelled Chappel of ye grune; circle, tower M048NY15.jpg
Soulua Sands Solway Firth in Cumbria / labelled Soulua Sands; wavy lines M048NY26.jpg
Tyne flu. North Tyne, River in Northumberland / labelled Tyne flu:; river M048NY69.jpg
Liddall flu. Liddel Water in Arthuret etc / labelled Liddall flu; river M048NT50.jpg
Cambeck flu. Cam Beck in Walton etc / labelled Cambeck flu; river M048NY57.jpg
river Waver, River in Holme Abbey etc; river M048NY15.jpg
Eske flu. Esk, River in Kirkandrews etc / labelled Eske flu.; river M048NY36.jpg
Debatable Lande Debatable Land in Kirkandrews / labelled Debatable Lande M048NY37.jpg
locality in Kirkandrews / labelled Davie of ye bush; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Grenewich Greenwrae / labelled Grenewich; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Coome Coom / labelled Coome; circle, tower, cross; marked E of Sark M048NY37.jpg
Hiefeild Moss Side in Kirkandrews / labelled Hiefeild; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Sollomos Solway Moss in Kirkandrews / labelled Sollomos M048NY36.jpg
Milnhill Mill Hill in Kirkandrews / labelled Milnhill; circle, tower, cross M048NY36.jpg
Gardes, Ye Guards Farm in Kirkandrews / labelled ye Gardes; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Mosband Mossbandhall in Kirkandrews / labelled Mosband; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Serk flu. Sark, River in Kirkandrews / labelled Serk flu.; river M048NY36.jpg
Kyrkander Kirkandrews Tower in Kirkandrews / labelled Kyrka~der; circle M048NY46.jpg
Rosetere Rosetrees in Kirkandrews / labelled [rosetere]; marked by a dot in brackets M048NY36.jpg
Castelton Old Castleton / labelled Castelton; circle, tower, cross M048NY48.jpg
Potterlamport Pouterlampert / labelled Potterlamport; circle, tower, cross M048NY48.jpg
Whithaugh Whithaugh / labelled whithaugh; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
Mangerton Mangerton Tower / labelled Mangerton; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
locality / labelled Sims Thoms; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
locality / labelled Lard[g] Jockes; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
Tinsburne Tinnis Burn / labelled Tinsburne; river M048NY48.jpg
Redhall Redhall / labelled Redhall; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Sirkbrig Sarkbridge / labelled Sirkbrig; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Gretney Kirk Gretna Green / labelled Gretney kirk; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Redkirk Redkirk / labelled Redkirk; circle, tower M048NY36.jpg
Kirtle flu. Kirtle Water / labelled kirtle flu; river M048NY36.jpg
Blawit Blaatwood / labelled Blawit; circle, tower M048NY26.jpg
Tordof Torduff / labelled Tordof; circle, tower M048NY26.jpg
Dundronok Dornock / labelled Dundronok; circle, tower M048NY26.jpg
Annand flu. Annan, River / labelled Annand flu; river M048NY26.jpg
Annand Castel Annan Castle / labelled Annand cast.; walls, two towers M048NY27.jpg
Newbie Newbie Mains / labelled Newbie; circle, tower M048NY16.jpg
Cumlonga Castel Comlongon Castle / labelled Cumlonga castel; circle, tower M048NY16.jpg
Herskerth Hartsgarth / labelled Herskerth; circle, tower, cross M048NY48.jpg
Grenehag Greena Tower / labelled Grenehag; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
Loughwar flu. Lochar Water / labelled Loughwar flu; river M048NY16.jpg
Dunfreise Dumfries / labelled Dunfreise; circle, 2 or 3 towers M048NY07.jpg
Neith flu. Nith, River / labelled Neith flu; river M048NY07.jpg
Bromholm Broomholm / labelled Bromholm; circle, tower, cross M048NY38.jpg
Langhame, Ye Langholm / labelled ye Langhame; circle, tower M048NY38.jpg
Munkbiherste Nether Mumbie / labelled M[un]kbiherste; circle, tower M048NY38.jpg
Steakhugh Steakhugh (?) / labelled Steakhugh; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Hollas, Ye Hollows / labelled y Hollas; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Thornwhale, Ye Thorniewhats / labelled ye Thornwhale; circle, tower M048NY47.jpg
Wheele Cawsey, Ye Wheel Causeway / labelled y wheele Cawsey; track M048NT50.jpg
Clints, Ye Clints, The / labelled ye Clints; circle, tower, cross M048NY49.jpg
Ladiestaine Larriston / labelled Ladiestaine Ro: Ellotts; circle, tower M048NY49.jpg
tower Riccarton Tower / labelled Sim Ellotts; circle, tower M048NY49.jpg
tower Hudshouse Tower / labelled John of Copshawes; circle, tower M048NY59.jpg
Helcaldenburne Caddroun Burn / labelled Helcaldenburne; river M048NT40.jpg
Bakstonleis Backstonelees (?) / labelled Martin Crosiers of bakstonleis; circle, tower, cross M048NT50.jpg
Pickeringhaw Pickeringhaw (?) / labelled Pickeringhaw; circle, tower M048NY49.jpg
Copshaws Newcastleton / labelled Copshaws; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
Armitage Hermitage Castle / labelled Armitage; circle, tower, cross M048NY49.jpg
Gorramburie Gorrenberry / labelled Gorramburie; circle, tower, cross M048NY49.jpg
Riddall flu. Hermitage Water / labelled Riddall flu; river M048NY49.jpg
Milholme Hermitage Cottage / labelled Milholme; circle, tower M048NY49.jpg
Loughmaben Castel Lochmaben Castle / labelled Loughmaben: cast; walls, two towers M048NY19.jpg
Eawardsholm, Ye Calvertsholm / labelled ye Eawardsholm; circle, tower M048NY27.jpg
Pickeringhaw Prickinghaugh (?) / labelled Pickeringhaw; circle, tower, cross? M048NY49.jpg
Barnglishe Barnglies / labelled Barnglishe; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Mereburne Muir Burn / labelled Mereburne; river M048NY38.jpg
building/s Muirburnhead / labelled Joh. Ar~stro~g; circle, tower M048NY48.jpg
Whitleside Whitlawside / labelled Sime of whitlesid[ ]; circle, tower M048NY47.jpg
Archer Beck Archer Beck / labelled Archer beck; river M048NY38.jpg
Archerbeck Archerbeck / labelled Archerbeck; circle, tower M048NY47.jpg
Harlawe, Ye Harelaw / labelled Hector of ye harlawe; circle, tower, cross M048NY47.jpg
Canonbu Canonbie / labelled Davy of Cano~bu; W of the Esk M048NY37.jpg
Canonbie Canonbie / labelled ffrancie of Cano~bie; circle, tower, cross M048NY47.jpg
Kinmonts Tower Tower of Sark / labelled Kinmonts tower; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Withisleis Woodhouselees / labelled withisleis; circle, tower M048NY37.jpg
Priors Johns Priorslynn / labelled Priors Johns; circle, tower, cross M048NY37.jpg

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