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Transcription of Barnaby's Journeys

The transcription is from the English parts of Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North of England in Latin and English Verse, by Richard Brathwaite, 1638, published by William Williamson, Dublin, Ireland, 1762. The original was read on the Eighteenth Century Books Online website.
source type: Brathwaite 1638
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The transcription of this work is made because Richard Brathwaite has local relevance; he was born in Burneside, and sometime lived in Staveley. Other than that I am not sure that the poetry is very rewarding.
Transcription is letter for letter, retaining the case of the original, but not text sizes; italics are preserved; the spellings and grammar have not been altered; square brackets are used to indicate inferred text. Only the English text is transcribed; hence the odd pagination, the Latin is on the opposite page. The catchword usually, but not always, refers to the next English page.


An attempt has been made to index this work; keywords have been allocated to each page of the transcript. But this feels a very doubtful procedure and this indexing should not, perhaps, be used for the download to a website. If it were to be used then the entries should be edited to make sense of the period spellings as modern day placenames.


Extracts have been made to the Old Cumbria Gazetteer. This can be listed as links from the relevant pages.

Entity References

The opportunity has been taken to experiment with entity references in the transcription. These will not do anything useful in MODES for Windows where this data file lives (and will look odd), but should be effective when the pages are downloaded into html. It may be necessary to declare the entities when the data moves into xml.

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