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Page 117:-
From Bampton the party may either return to Penrith or be conducted into the great road at Shap. But to such as make this excursion on foot, or on horseback, it will be found a pleasing variety to turn off the road a little before arriving at Helton, and follow a track over the common called Moor Dovack, which affords a fine view of Ullswater and its neighbouring scenery; and at Pooley Bridge is a commodious inn, from whence the road may be taken by Dalemain to Penrith. Parties taking up their quarters for a few days at Pooley Bridge, may visit Hawes Water, and Lowther Castle, the magnificent seat of the Earl of Lonsdale, most conveniently from thence.

Having by different roads conducted the several parties to Keswick, it must be made head quarters for a while, to examine the curiosities of the place - to enjoy the rich scenery in its neighbourhood - and to make excursions, some of a few hours, some of a day, and others perhaps of more than one day.

Keswick has a population of 2159 inhabitants; its principal trade is in the woollen manufactory, and fancy waistcoats; here are also several manufactories of black-lead pencils, and one of scythes, shovels, and edge tools. The principal inns are the Royal Oak and Queen's Head; there are other houses where small parties may be accommodated,
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