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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
Plate 29 opposite p.275:-

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DOCTOR SYNTAX Taking Possession of his Living.
with his wife in a carriage pulled by Grizzle.

A packet came, and from a friend;
From 'Squire Worthy, who resides
On Keswick's bold and woody sides.
"My Rev'rend Sir,
"Our Vicar's dead;
"And I have nam'd you in his stead.
"I often wish'd his neck he'd break,
"Or tumble drunk into the Lake;
"So, you must know, the poaching hound
"Fullfill'd one wish - for he is drown'd.
"... to this church you're now preferr'd:
"By ev'ry legal act and deed,
"To Parson Hairbrain you succeed.
"The papers which you now receive
"A right and full possession give
"You, Sir, may make the living clear
"Above three hundred pounds a year;

They both prepar'd to leave behind
A place, which little had to give
Than the hard struggle how to live.

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