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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
Plate 28 opposite p.256:-

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at home again, with his wife and his clay pipe by the fire.

While she to know impatient burn'd
With how much money he return'd.
"Give me my pipe," he said, "and ale,
"And in due time you'll hear the tale."

He sat him down his pipe to smoke,
Look'd sad, and not a word he spoke;
But Madam soon her speech began,
And in discordant tones it ran:-
"I think, by that confounded look,
"You have not writ your boasted book:
"Yes, all our money you have spent,
"And come back poorer than you went:
"But Bills from all sides are in waiting,
"To give your Reverence a baiting.

From a small pocket in his coat
He unobserv'd drew forth a note,
And, throwing it upon the table,
He said, "My dear, you'll now be able
"To keep your mantua-maker quiet;
"So cease, I beg, this idle riot:
"And if you'll not make such a pother,
"I'll treat you with its very brother.
"Be kind - and I'll not think it much
"To show you half a dozen such."

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