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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
On page 236:-

Vellum appear'd with solemn look,
To talk about the Doctor's book.
He said, "'twas true a learned friend
"The manuscript did much commend:-
"He thinks it is a work of merit,
"Written with learning, taste, and spirit.
"The sketches too, if he don't err,
"Possess appropriate character.
"'Tis to the humour of our age,
"And has your Lordship's patronage;
"'Tis true that paper's very dear,
"And workmen's wages most severe,
"But still the work is to my mind.
"I'll try my luck, and will be bound
"To give, my Lord, three hundred pound."
Plate 27 opposite p.238:-

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Asleep in a chair, manuscripts around his head.
relevant text:-

That I was in the Strand I dream'd,
And o'er my head methought there seem'd,
A flight of volumes in the air,
In various bindings gilt and fair.
The unfolded leaves exposed to view,
Serv'd them as wings on which they flew.
In the 'mid air they pass'd along
In stately flight a num'rous throng,
And from each book a Label fell,
Form'd ev'ry author's name to tell:

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