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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
Plate 22 opposite p.166:-

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At the Exchange

A sound confus'd - the serenade
Of ardent gain, and busy trade:
At length his penetrating eye
Was thrown around him to descry
Some one in whose sleek smiling face
He could the lines of kindness trace:
And soon a person he adress'd,
Whose paunch projected from his breast;
Who, looking with good humour fraught,
Appear'd the very man he sought:

When, with an unassuming grace
To him he thus disclos'd his case:-
"I beg this paper you'll peruse;
"And then, perhaps, you'll not refuse
"The favour which I ask to grant,
"And give the money that I want;
"The draft is good - and, on my word,
"It was a present from a Lord."

"That may be true: but Lords, I fear,
"Will meet but little credit here;

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