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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
Plate 21 opposite p.157:-

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in the dairy, with butter churn, cheese press, pans, etc etc.

When lo! a dairy met his view,
Where, full of cream, on order due,
The pans, the bowls, the jugs were plac'd,
Which tempted the Divine to taste.
But he found something better there;
A village damsel young and fair
Attracted his admiring eye;
Who, as he enter'd heav'd a sigh.
Now Syntax, as we all must know,
Ne'er heard a sigh, or tale of woe,
But instant wish'd to bring relief -
To dry the tear, and soothe the grief.
"Come here, sweet girl," he softly said;
"Tell me your grief - nor be afraid:
"Come here, and seat you by my side;
"You'll find in me a friendly guide,

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