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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
Plate 20 opposite p.150:-

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A scene of country dancing to the fiddle.

"I beg that we may change the scene,
"And join the dancers on the green."
Sal now exclaim'd, "The people say
"Ralph is so drunk he cannot play;"
"Then I'll be fiddler," Syntax cry'd;
"Ne'er fear, my lasses, you shall soon
"Be ambling to some pretty tune,
"And in measur'd time shall beat
"The green sod with your nimble feet.
"While Virtue o'er your pleasure reigns,
"You're welcome to my merry strains;
"While Virtue smiles upon your joy,
"I'll gladly my best skills employ;
"For, sure, 'twill give me great delight
"To be your fiddler thro' the night:

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