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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
Plate 13 opposite p.89:-

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near York.
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Behold the scene of a review.
The troops drawn up in proud array,
An animating sight display;
The well form'd squadrons wheel'd around,-
The standards wave, the trumpets sound;
When Grizzle, long natur'd to war,
And mark's with many an honour'd scar,
Found all her former spirits glow
As when she us'd to meet the foe:
No ears she prick'd, for she had none:
Nor cock'd her tail, for that was gone:
But still she snorted, foam'd, and flounc'd,
Then up she rear'd, and off she bounc'd;
And having play'd these pretty pranks,
Dash'd all at once, into the ranks;
While Syntax, tho' unus'd to fear,
Suspected that his end was near:
But, tho' his courage 'gan to addle,
He still stuck close upon the saddle.

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