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Plate 9 opposite p.50:-

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having drunk an amount of beer at lunchtime; then meets a stranger, the local Squire Bounty, on the road.
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And Syntax was not so besotted
But he could hiccup out "My friend,
"Do tell me if this way will tend
"To bring me to some place of rest?"
"Yes," 'twas replied,,- "the very best
"Of all our inns, within a mile,
Squire Bounty rides off ahead:-

... resolv'd, by way of jest,
To have the Parson for his guest;
So on he gallop'd, to prepare
His people for the friendly snare.
The Doctor came in tipsy state,
The Squire receiv'd him at the gate,
And to the parlour led him straight;
There plac'd him in an easy chair,
And ask'd to know his pleasure there.

Landlord, I'm sadly splash'd with mire,
And chill'd with rain, so light a fire;
And tell the Ostler to take care
Of that good beast my Grizzle mare;
And what your larder can afford,
Pray place it quickly on the board.

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