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button NOTES from DR SYNTAX'S TOUR, 1812
Plate 4, opposite p.14; no plate number:-

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For, on two trotting palfreys came,
And each one bore a comely dame.
They drew their knives to cut the noose;
And let the mournful prisoner loose:
With kindest words his fate bewail,
While grateful Syntax tells his tale.
The rustic matrons soothe his grief,
Nor offer, but afford, relief:
And, turning from the beaten road,
Their well-lin'd panniers they unload;
When soon upon the bank appear'd
A sight his fainting spirits cheer'd.
They spread the fare with cheerful grace,
And gave a banquet to the place.

He therefore sent the bellman round,
To try if Grizzle might be found.
She sought a meadow full of grass:
The farmer in the meadow found her,
And ordered John, his man to pound her.

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