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Frontispiece (plate 30):-

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THE School was done, the bus'ness o'er,
When, tir'd of Greek and Latin lore,
Old Syntax sought his easy chair,
And sat in calm composure there.

His wife was to a neighbour gone,
To hear the chit-chat of the town;
And left him the infrequent power
Of brooding thro' a quiet hour.
Thus, while he sat, a busy train
Of images beseiged his brain.
When, as the vivid meteors fly,
And instant light the glooming sky,
A sudden thought across him came,
That told the way to wealth and fame;
And, as th' expanding vision grew
Wider and wider in his view,
The painted fancy did beguile
His woe-worn phiz into a smile.

"- I'll make a TOUR,- and then I'll WRITE IT."
"You well know what my pen can do,
"And I'll employ my pencil too:-
"I'll ride and write, and sketch and print,
"And thus create a real mint;
"I'll prose it here, I'll verse it there,
"And picturesque it ev'ry where.
"I'll do what all have done before;
"I think I shall,- and somewhat more.
"At Doctor Pompous give a look;
"He made his fortune by a book:
"And if my volume does not beat it,
"When I return, I'll fry and eat it.

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