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Page 180:-
Charles Howard, Son and Heir of Sir William Howard, a younger Branch of the Duke of Norfolk's Family, Earl of Carlisle, in which Family it still remains, in his Great Grandson, the present
Henry Howard, Earl of Carlisle; who marry'd a Daughter of the Earl of Sunderland, and Sister to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough.
Cockermouth, almost surrounded by the meeting of the Rivers Derwent and Cocker, is a good trading Market Town, with a Castle, formerly belonging to the Earls of Northumberland, and is 226 Miles computed from London, and 288 measured. The Duke of Somerset, is, at present, chief Lord of Cockermouth, in Right of his late Duchess, the only Heiress of the ancient Family of the Piercys, Earls of Northumberland. It is neatly built, but of a low Situation between two Hills, upon one of which is the Church, and upon the other, which seems to be artificially raised on Purpose, stands the Castle, very strong of itself, but more by its advantageous Situation.
This Town was anciently an Hamlet to Bridgeham. which stands about a Mile off, and had then only a Chapel for the Worship of God; but now it is a Parish, and hath had a Church of its own, dedicated to St. Michael, and built by the Lucy's, ever since the reign of King Edward III. but this being much decay'd by Time, was rebuilt entirely from the Ground, all but the Tower, in 1711, by a Collection made by a Brief granted to the Inhabitants for that Purpose. The Tower is a plain Building, supported with Buttresses, and coped at the Top with Battlements, and slated, but has only three Bells. The Houses in the Town are built with Stone, and slated, except some few, and are ranged into two Streets, the one above the River Cocker, in which are the Moot-Hall and Market-House, which is used chiefly for Corn, and the other below, in which is the Beast-Market. The Market is kept on Mondays; and the Fairs are annually on September 29, and Whit-Monday.
This Borough is no Corporation; its chief Magistrate is a Bailiff, chosen annually by a Jury of 16 Burghers, at the Duke of Somerset's Courts. He is Returning Officer of the Members of Parliament, who are elected by

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