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Transcription of Thomas Pennant's Tour to Alston, 1773

This transcription is from A Tour from Downing to Alston Moor, 1773, by Thomas Pennant, published by Edward Harding, 98 Pall Mall, London, 1801. Publication is 28 years after the date of the tour. The copy used in in the Armitt Library, item AMATL : A1057.

The pages 111 to 189, relevant to Westmorland and Cumberland have been transcribed, starting at Settle just over the border in Yorkshire. His itinerary here is shown on preface-page vii with page numbers. Index entries have been extracted from Pennant's index on pages 191-195. Links back to the gazetteer pages and other indexing has not been done.

We have indicated his route on an outline map of Cumbria.

The plates are listed on preface-page viii with page numbers and are included in sequence with the pages. (The plate relevant to page 124 had been inserted incorrectly with page 93).

The plates can also be accessed in the Prints menu of Lakes Guides.

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