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Preface page v:-
THE TOUR from Downing to Alston Moor, now presented to the Public, was performed by Mr. PENNANT in 1773. At the conclusion it connects with his Scots Tour, and forms an introductory Volume to that excellent Work, equally if not more interesting to the English Reader and to the Antiquary. The Author, in his Literary Life, p.18, thus describes the Work: "The subject of part of this Journey will be found among my Posthumous Works, illustrated with Drawings by Moses Griffith. This will take in the space from Downing to Orford; from thence to Knowsley, Sefton, Ormskirk, Latham, and (crossing the country) to Blackburn, Whalley-abbey, Ribchester, Mitton, Waddington-hall and Clithero, most of them in the County of Lancashire. In that of York I visited Salley-abbey, Bolton-hall, Malham Coves, Settle, Giggleswick and Ingleton. I then crossed the Lune to Kirkby-Lonsdale, and visited all the parts of

Preface page vi:-

Westmoreland and Cumberland omitted in my printed Tours of 1769 and 1772; and, finally, I finished this MS. Volume at Alston, near the Borders of Durham."
Notwithstanding his former determination, (see Lit. Lif, p.17, l.19,) the EDITOR has the satisfaction to find, that Mr. Pennant, in the last years of his active life, not only prepared for the Press the Tour now offered, but also its Continuation by Hackfall and Fountains Abbey to Harrogate and Bramham Crags. This Work, he hopes, at some future period, to have permission to add to the List of Publications of that valuable Author.

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