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Page 188:-

Derwentwater Estates of ore, which, at the valuation of each byng, in those years, at 2l. 15s. each, amounted to the vast sum of 170,032l. 10s. This, and the other estates of Lord Derwentwater, were, by Act of Parliament, in 1735, vested in Greenwich-hospital*, and bring in a vast revenue to that magnificent and useful foundation. At the time of the forfeiture they were supposed to amount to about seven thousand pounds a year; yet, by the contrivance or connivance of the Commissioners of the Forfeited Estates, were sold for the sum of 1060l.† The villaiany of the transaction was detected, in 1732, by the sagacity and pains of Thomas lord Gage, then in the House of Commons, who was honoured by the thanks of the House for his services‡. Two of the Members concerned as commissioners in this infamous affair, were expelled; and a third, who appeared to have been drawn into an irregularity only in the proceedings, received a reprimand from the Speaker in his place§. This ought to be an example to posterity, particularly to men in power, who may attempt, under specious pretences, the destruction of benefits intended for the public good, whether the foundation be recent or ancient; whether it be the alienation of Church Lands, or of those allotted for the support of the Poor. The securities
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