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Page 185:-

"Nobilissimus Princeps HEN. HOWARD, Dux Norfolc. Com. Marechal Angl. Com. Arundel, Surr. Norfolc. et Norwic. Baro Howard, Mowbray, Seagrave, de Brews, de Gower, Fitz-Alan, Warren, Lescales, Clun, Oswladstre, Maltravers, Furnaval, Graystock, et Howard de Castlerising, Praeno. Ord. Garter Mil. Constab. et Gubernator Regal. Castri et Honor. de Winsor. Dom. Locum-ten. Norfolc. Surr. Berk. at Civit. Com. Civ. Norvici, ab EDWARDO I. Rege Angliae ORIUNDUS."
Hadrian's Wall This marsh is washed by the Solway Frith. Severus's Wall, or, as it is vulgarly called, The Picts, commences at the extremity, at Bowness, on which stood the station Blatum Bulgium, the first of the line of forts which was garrisoned by the Romans to secure the obedience of this part of the island. The next was Axelodunum; some very small remains of which, in form of ramparts, are yet to be seen. Burgh, which signifies a fortress, owes its name to the lost fort. The wall runs through this parish, and from thence to Carlisle. I must not quit the spot without saying, that, after the Conquest, De Meschines bestowed this barony on his brother-in-law Robert de Estrivers or Trevers. From him it fell by marriage to the Ewgayns, and from them again to the De Morvilles. This, and divers other lands in this county, were held by cornage, or the service of blowing a horn by way of alarm whenever an invasion of the Scots was perceived*.
* Blount's Tenures, 13.

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