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Page 184:-

that he left Carlisle, in a dying condition, to put himself at the head of his army, and was so weak that he could proceed only six miles in four days. He reached Burgh on the sands, and expired there in the arms of his domestics the morning after his arrival. Thus died the greatest, the best, and the wisest of the English monarchs. All his actions were directed to the good of his own dominions; yet the love of truth must extort the confession, that when the conquest of Scotland became the favourite object of that end, the dictates of equity and the feelings of humanity were totally eradicated.
Henry duke of Norfolk, in 1685, at that time owner of this barony, erected a square column, with a cross on the top, in memory of this prince. On one side is this brief inscription:

"Memoriae aeternae
"EDWARDI I. Regis Angliae longe
"clarissimi: qui in belli apparatu
"contra Scotos occupatus, hic
"in castris obiit 7 Julii
"A.D. 1307."
On the other side the noble founder of the column by no means forgets his own importance and dignities, nor the blood of all the Howards:

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