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Page 183:-

From thence I took a ride through Longtown and Arthuret. The last was a barony, granted by Ralph de Meschines to Turzent Brundey, a Fleming, which was confirmed to him by Henry I. In the reign of King John it was in the hands of the Stotevilles*, a potent family, derived from a wild adventurer from Normandy, as may be collected from the curious additions to his name, of Gron de boef, and Front de boef. I forded the Line, and, after a short ride, reached Rocliff, and there crossed the Eden, which falls into the Solway Frith, a little lower down. Small vessels come up as far as this place at high water, which makes it the port to Carlisle.
Burgh by Sands
 Edward I
From thence I visited Burgh-marsh, in a parish of the same name, on which Edward I. yielded his last breath, on July 7, 1307, within sight of Scotland, a country he had devoted to the sword for bravely vindicating its own independency. All his steps for some time before his death were marked with cruelty. He condemned to the gibbet persons of the first consideration in the Scottish nation, who had taken arms in behalf of their country, making no distinction between the treasons of natural subjects and the resistance of those who owed him no allegiance, and who preferred the government of one of their countrymen to that of a rival prince. So animated was he against the Scots BURGH-MARSH.
* Burn, 11. Dugdale's Baron. I, 455.

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