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Page 161:-

Musgrave, who makes the place one of his residences. I have before had occasion to speak of that respectable family.
The hall is a handsome well-proportioned room, forty-two feet by twenty-four, and richly stucco'd. In the apartments I observed a Head of Sir Christopher Musgrave; the dress, a great wig, cravat, and armour. He was early initiated in war by his heroic father Sir Philip, who bore so large a share in the transactions of the North during the Civil Wars of the last century: engaged deeply in Sir George Booth's effort to restore the Royal Family; and after the Restoration, received, during the three Stuart reigns, rewards suitable to his loyalty. In that of Charles II. he was made Lieut. General of the Ordnance; in that of Queen Anne, one of the Tellers of the Exchequer. He died, in an advanced age, in 1704.
A Head of George Legge lord Dartmouth, a gallant sea-officer, who had distinguished himself in many of the desperate actions in the Dutch war. He was entrusted with the fleet which was to oppose the invasion of the Prince of Orange, but the winds frustrated his zeal to serve his fated Sovereign. He disapproved of his measures, yet, through excess of friendship, adhered to him at all hazards. On

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