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Page 155:-

annual oblation is still made, according to the will of the charitable donor.
Brougham Castle About a mile further stands Brougham-castle, seated on the Eimot, a vast and lofty pile, square, and with square towers, slightly salient from some of the corners. It had been owned by the Cliffords, and passed through their descendants to the present Earl of Thanet. On its site, or perhaps near to it, had been the Roman station Brovocum, or Broconiacum. The ancient fortress might have been on an artificial rising near the river, opposite to the Countess's pillar: and I conjecture, that the more modern castle was erected on the site of the old mansion owned by the Veteriponts, predecessors to the Cliffords; for, after the death of John de Veteripont, complaint was made that the Prior of Carlisle, guardian to his son, had suffered the walls and house of Brougham to go to decay for want of repairing the gutters and the roof, and that certain bercarys, or sheep-folds, had fallen down, for the length of five score feet, for want of support. Whether he began to build this castle, is uncertain: probably he had not leisure to undertake so great a work; for, as soon as he came of age, he engaged with the rebellious Barons against his sovereign Henry III. and was slain, either at the battle of Lewes, or that of Evesham. It should seem to have been BROUGHAM-CASTLE.

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