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Page 146:-

the keeping these monuments in repair, and for other uses, she purchased lands in Temple-Sowerby; and, by deed dated February 2, 1656, appointed trustees for the execution of her intent. On the tomb is the following inscription, extremely inadequate to the greatness of her character:

"Here lies, expecting the second coming of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, the dead body of the Lady Anne Clifford, daughter and sole heir to George Clifford third Earl of Cumberland, by his blessed wife Margaret Russel Countess of Cumberland; which Lady Anne was born in Skipton-castle, in Craven, the 30th of January, being Fryday, in the year 1590, as the year begins on New-year's-day; and by a long continued descent from her father, and his noble ancestors, she was Baronesse of Clifford, Westmoreland, and Vesey; High-sheriffesse of the county of Westmoreland, and of the honour of Skipton-castle aforesaid. She married, for her first husband, Richard Sackville earl of Dorset, and for her second husband, Philip Herberte earl of Pembroke and Montgomery: leaving behind her only two daughters that lived, which she had by her first husband; the eldest, Margaret countesse of Thanet; and the youngest, Isabel countesse of Northampton. Which Lady Anne Clifford countesse dowager of Pembroke, Dorset, and Montgomery, deceased at her castle

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