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Page 145:-

to both parties. She died at Brougham-castle on May 24, 1616. She lived his wife twenty-nine years, and survived him ten years and seven months, as the inscription imports. The monument was erected by the Daughter in the following year, on which are these lines:

"Who faith, love, mercy, noble constancy,
"To GOD, to virtue, to distress, to right,
"Observ'd, express'd, shew'd, held religiously,
"Hath here this monument. Thou seest in sight
"The cover of her earthly part; but, Passenger,
"Know, Heaven and Fame contain the best of her."
The Earl of Cumberland was married to this Lady against his own consent, when very young, by his guardian the Earl of Bedford, whose daughter she was: they ever lived very unhappily together; and it appears by her daughter's Diary, that she had a very great spirit, and took little pains to conciliate his affection.
Lady Anne Pembroke A mural monument records the death of her illustrious daughter, who died in the same castle, after an illness of three or four days, on March 22, 1675, full of years and glory, aged 85. Beneath is an altar-tomb, without any image, or, I think, inscription. These are said to have been erected by herself, many years before her death. For

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