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Page 142:-

who signed the public acts with the mayor, but at present are degraded into two attendants, who follow that magistrate with halberds. The borough sends two Members to Parliament, a privilege first obtained in the time of Edward I.*
roman inscriptions The town had formerly been of vast extent; for Burrals, i.e. borough-walls, shew its limits on that side, now a mile from the inhabited remains. Bondgate, Dungate, and Scattergate, mark its former entrances at places at present very distant. That a Roman station had been at or near this town, is very certain; and most probably at the Burrals, which might preserve that name through the pre-eminence of antiquity. The Learned differ whether Abbalaba or Galacum was the proper appellation: some contest, from similarity of sound, that it must have been the first. Mr. Horsley, by the more certain rule of observing the distances in Antonine's Itinerary, proves it to have been the latter. It stands on the Roman road, and some antiquities have been found in its neighbourhood. Numbers of inscriptions are preserved in a wall near the public school, placed there by Reginald Bainbridge the schoolmaster, in the time it was visited by Camden. There is no certainty of any of them having been found at Appleby, and several were
* Willis's Notitia Parliem.

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