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Page 122:-

Dr Burn
mentioned in my former Tour*, and, leaving it to the left, passed along an unpleasant tract, mostly waste, about six miles further, to Orton, or Overton; principally induced from the wish to see the Reverend Doctor Burn, author of the Justice of the Peace, and joint publisher with Joseph Nicholson, esq. of the History and Antiquities of Cumberland and Westmoreland. To these Gentlemen this Journal is much indebted: to the former, every country gentleman, who assumes the useful character of the magistrate, owes the greatest obligation for the clearest and safest guide in his intricate and laborious office. REV. DOCTOR BURN.
I had the satisfaction of dining with the worthy author, and may add, that to other public services he encourages the inclosures of the open lands, which will give to future times cheerful and plenteous harvests, in places where poverty and negligence seem now to reign.
I continued my journey across some commons towards Kirkby Stephen, about eleven miles distant. Not far from Orton, I passed by the Lune, near the spot where it begins its southward direction; kept to the east along a turnpike-road in a narrow vale watered by the Lune, here a small stream, which I lost again to the south, where it takes its
* Tour in Scotland, 1769, p.277.

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