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discharge of his office in 1616: and on the wainscot of a pew is a brass plate, with the figure of Alan Bellingham, esq. dressed in armour; he died in 1577. This Gentleman was of Helsington, near this town, a Bencher of the Inner Temple, and Member for the county in the 13th of Queen Elizabeth. He was of a very considerable family in this county, and died possessed of large property, part of the divided barony of Kendal.
Dr Thomas Shaw I am surprised that Dr. Burn should omit the mention of a native of this town, who would have done honour to any country - Thomas Shaw, the celebrated traveller, was born here in 1693: he was son of Gabriel Shaw, shearman and dyer, a reputable and profitable business. The merit of his travels in Barbary, Egypt, and the Holy Land, are justly held in the highest estimation, and beyond the danger of being either depreciated or superseded. He became Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, and was promoted to the Headship of Edmund-hall; and, in 1751, died in high reputation, for knowledge, probity, and pleasantry. His countenance was grotesque, but marked most strongly with jocularity and good-humour, so as to diffuse into the company the full effects of his innocent and instructive mirth. The print prefixed to his works is a faithful representation of this excellent and able character. DOCTOR SHAW.

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