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Ivo de Tailebois, was, after the dissolution, granted by Queen Mary to Trinity College, Cambridge. Part of the structure is very ancient; the door and some of the arches are round; the base of two of the pillars very clumsy; and the shaft of one, like those at Durham, adorned with lozenge-shaped sculpture; the east window is Gothic, and has light pillars detached from it.
The mills of the town are remarkable, being built on the side of a steep bank, and worked by the water of a brook conveyed through the town. It sets in motion seven wheels, one above the other; one is for making snuff, another serves a fulling-mill. Formerly this town enjoyed a considerable manufacture of knit-stockings, but at present it is greatly declined.
Kendal From hence I crossed the country twelve miles, (an un-interesting ride,) to Kendal. I have nothing to add to what I have said in my Tour to Scotland, 1769, except that I saw in the church certain tombs of the Strictlands, of Sizergh-hall, in this neighbourhood: one is remarkable for the figure of Walter Strickland, a fat lad in a loose gown, with a most fulsome epitaph, dated 1656. KENDAL.
A mural monument of Sir Augustine Nichols, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, who died here in Court, in

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