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Page 113:-

ebbing and flowing well The famous flowing spring lies on the road side beneath this scar. It is a well of small size, which ebbs and flows once in a quarter of an hour, and sometimes with that force as to rise a foot high. I watched it for some time, but it happened to be quiescent: my patience was exhausted and I pursued my journey. EBBING WELL.
The Potentilla verna, or Vernal Cinquefoil, Fl. Sc. 1, 270, is found near this well; and those who delight in mosses, may discover, on the adjacent rocks, the Lichen crinitus and polyrhizos Fl. Sc. 11, 860 and 864.
From this spot I had a fine view of Pendle-hill, which appeared quite insulated.
On gaining the summit of the road, the Apennines of England appeared in full view; the tops often rise into little mounts, and the sides very rocky. On the left is a flat bounded by heathy hills, and intermixed with dreary moors.
Clapham I pased through the village of Clapham. The cure is a vicarage in the diocese of Chester, as most of this country are. From hence I had a full sight of Furness-fells, which form a magnificent mass in the distant view
I de-

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