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On a second excursion to Borrowdale, on foot or on horseback, the road by Ashness to Watendleth may be taken. From a bridge above Barrow Cascade, there is a splendid view of the valley, with the lakes of Derwent and Bassenthwaite; and a little further on, by deviating to the edge of a precipice on the right, the waterfall of Lowdore comes in view, and the lake appears at an awful depth beneath your feet. After losing sight of the lakes, the road lies along a contracted valley, by the side of the stream which supplies the cataract of Lowdore. At the distance of five miles from Keswick, it reaches Watendleth, which consists of a few antiquated cottages and farm buildings, in colour dark as the neighbouring rocks; just beyond which the tarn is placed, amidst a small area of green meadows, surrounded by wild and uncultivated hills. A track leads from thence over the hill, from which there is a fine view of the head of Borrowdale; it then descends steeply to Rosthwaite, whence the return may be made by Bowder Stone to Keswick; a circuit of 14 miles. To contract this excursion, the stream from Watendleth may be crossed about a mile beyond Ashness; then turning towards Lowdore, there is a peculiar view of a part of Derwentwater through the opening above the waterfall: which may be varied at pleasure, from a higher or a lower station.
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