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Page 6:-
Man to Langdale Pikes, appears to great advantage: the Pikes on Scawfell, (the highest land in England,) being seen on the left of Bowfell; and, between it and Langdale Pikes, stand Great End and Gable, as if guarding the pass at Sty-Head. It is only from some parts of the lake that the summit of Helvellyn can just be seen, beyond the fells of Grasmere and Rydal; and a peep at Skiddaw is obtained at the junction of the Cartmel and Milnthorp roads, a mile and a half south of Bowness.
  Windermere by boat
A walk, or a ride, along the sequestered road from the Ferry towards Ambleside, will be found agreeable to the contemplative mind; and during a voyage on the northern part of the lake (which ought not to be omitted) a variety of both near and distant scenes are presented to the view in delightful succession. As the boat proceeds from the landing place at Low Wood, a person previously acquainted with the distant mountains will feel a pleasure in observing how the highest Pike on Scawfell seems to march forth from behind Bowfell, and the Gable from behind Langdale Pikes.
At Newby Bridge, on the foot of the lake, is a small inn, where boats and post-horses may be had; and the inns at Bowness, Low Wood, and Ambleside, are spacious and furnished with every requisite accommodation.
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