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The preface, contents and index pages are each numbered from i. In this transcription they are grouped, several pages together; preface, contents, index, list of plates.
Preface page i:-


March 12, 1855.
It is now some months since I committed the manuscript of this Lake Guide to the publisher's hands; and now that the work is just ready to appear, I am thankful to him for the opportunity of saying, in this prefatory page, with what pride and pleasure I have looked over the accessories and embellishments with which, by his zeal and spirit, and by the admirable cooperation he has been so fortunate as to secure, my humble work is elevated to a quality of real importance.
Preface page ii:-
When I look at Mr. RUTHVEN's valuable geological Map, Mr. ASPLAND'S beautiful illustrative Views, so finely engraved by Mr. BANKS; and, again, the Botanical contributions, so essential to the perfect understanding of the Lake District, it seems to me that the book has become, by all this aid, one which may not only be in every tourist's hands, but find a place on the library shelves of those who have never visited, and may not contemplate visiting, this district of England. At the same time, the Directories, (a new feature in a Guide Book) are likely to make it valuable to residents, who need no guide to the scenery near their homes. If my gratitude to my coadjutors causes me to overrate the product of our labours, I shall not at least be mistaken in saying that we have all done our best to set forth a true presentment of a land we love, in the hope of inducing and enabling those
Preface page iii:-
who live in town or plain to know and love it as we do. If any think that we have painted it too fair, and that we love it fanatically, let them come and see.
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