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Page 222:-

Stolzman, Madame E., ladies seminary,
Studdart, Robert, boot and shoe maker.
Swainson, G., farmer, Sike Side.
Taylor, John, relieving officer,
Taylor, Ann, grocer.
Taylor, George, plasterer.
Taylor, Ferdinando, Red Lion Inn.
Taylor, the Misses, milliners and dressmakers,
Taylor, Isaac, blacksmith, Hannakin.
Taylor, Joseph, beerhouse keeper, Waterbarnets.
Taylor, John, waller, Sandground
Usher, John, Brown Cow Inn.
Usher, Benjamin, waller.
Usher, John, waller, Sand Ground.
Walker, Thomas, carpenter, Gallabarrow.
Walker, Mary, grocer, Gallowbarrow.
Walker, William, bobbin manufacturer, Bobbin Mill Cottage.
Walker, John Thomas, bobbin turner, Summer Hill.
Wardley, Joshua, farmer, High House.
Wardley, Thomas, farmer, High Barn.
Warriner, Thomas, yeoman, Outgate.
Watson, Charles, postmaster.
Watson, Gawn, tallow chandler.
Watson, Anne, draper.
Whittaker, Mrs., Belmont.
Wilson, Mary, national school mistress.
Wilson, John, carrier.
Wilcock, Thomas, Esq., Lake Bank.
Wilson, William, Esq., land agent, High Wray.


Alcock, Christopher, shoemaker.
Alexander, Featherstonhaugh, grocer.
Allinson, Mrs.
Ansell, George, Esq., solicitor.
Apps, Mrs., stationer.
Atkinson, John, grocer.
Atkinson, Thomas, barber and parish clerk.
Atkinson, Matthew, guide and boatman.
Atkinson, William, lodging house, Derwent Terrace.
Atkinson, Miss, milliner and dressmaker.
Bailey, Thomas, bookseller and stationer,
Banks, Misses, lodging house.
Banks, Mrs., Shorley Croft.
Banks, Joseph, lodging house.
Banks, Son & Co., pencil manufacturers.
Banks, John, draper.
Barron, Edward, Esq.
Barrow, Joseph, grocer.
Battereby, Rev., T. D. H., (incumbent) St. John's Parsonage
Bell, - officer of inland revenue
Bird Isaac, police officer.
Blakey, William P., butcher and lodging house keeper.
Bowe, Joseph, King's Arms Hotel.
Bowes, William, edge tool manufacturer.
Boyer, Rev., R. B., curate of St. John's Church.
Brown, Dr., Derwent Terrace,
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