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Page 209:-

Sheldon, Wm., coach proprietor, Highfield.
Sill, John, flour & butter dealer, Winster.
Somervell, Robert M., Esq., Hazlthwaite.
Staniforth, Rev. Thomas, Storrs Hall.
Steinberg, Baroness de, Belsfield
Swain, Jos., shoemaker, Old-road
Swinburne, Edward, Esq., Calgarth Park.
Talon, Miss, confectioner, Bowness Road.
Taylor, John H., Esq., solicitor.
Taylor, Samuel, Esq., (J.P.) Ibbotsholme.
Taylor, B., shoemaker, Winster.
Tyson, Miss, lodging house, Rock Side.
Ullock, Thomas, Esq., Quarry How
Ward, Frederic, Esq., Gill Head.
Warwick, Thomas, blacksmith, Bowness Road.
Watson, Misses, Mylnbeck.
Watson, H. Luther, Esq., Ecclerigg.
Whitworth, Rev. William, M.A.
Wilson, J., farmer, Cook's House
Wilson, Capt., R.N., (J.P.) The Howe.
Wilkinson, Rev. H. J. Rectory.
Wright Henry, lodging-house, Bowness Road.
Yates, Miss Jane, The Wood.


Airey, John, farmer, Cleabarrow.
Allen, Oswald, grocer and draper
Armstrong, David, museum.
Atkinson, John, grocer & draper.
Atkinson, James, saddler.
Atkinson, J., waller, Millbeck Stock.
Backhouse, J., Commercial Inn.
Barker, H. tailor and draper.
Barrow, James, joiner.
Barrow, R., yeoman.
Battersby, Thomas, gardner.
Battersby, Thomas, joiner.
Beetham Ann, dressmaker.
Belcher Lucy, bazaar.
Benson, Robert.
Birkett W., gardner,
Blaylock, William, grocer.
Bownass, William, Royal Hotel.
Brockbank, William, carter.
Burton, Thomas, tailor.
Butcher, Mrs.
Braithwaite, John, boatman.
Barton, Miss.
Brockbank, John, painter.
Cloudsdale, Thomas, Crown Hotel.
Collinson, John, Esq., Brantfell.
Crosthwaite, Joseph, joiner.
Crosthwaite, John, grocer.
Curwen, Henry, Esq., Belle Isle.
Cloudsdale, William, fisherman.
Campbell, William, shoemaker.
Dickinson, R., Bellfield Farm.
Dickinson, J., lodging-house.
Dixon, Thomas yeoman, Belman Ground.
Dobson, William, blacksmith, lodging-house keeper.
Dobson, J., blacksmith.
Dixon, Ann, upholsterer.
Eccles, Thomas, post-messenger.
Eccles, R., joiner.
Fisher, James, lodging-house.
Fletcher, Joseph, cabinet-maker.
Garnett Edward, land agent.
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