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Page 144:-
like a flint. A soldier used a cheese paring for a flint; and a blacksmith at Cartmel avered that he struck sparks from a cheese while cutting it up with an axe. A tract of dry heather burned without intermission for three weeks, having been kindled by sparks from a cheese which had rolled from a cart on the road above, and bounded from crag to crag. These things are like the barbarism of two centuries ago. It is the railroad that must mend them. In a generation or two, the dale farms may yield wool that Yorkshire and Lancashire, and perhaps other countries, may compete for. The cheese may find a market, and the butter may be in request. And at the same time, the residents may find their health improved by the greater wholesomeness of their food; and, before that, their minds will have become stirred and enlarged by intercourse with strangers who have, from circumstances, more vivacity of faculty and a wider knowledge. The best, as well as the last and greatest change in the Lake District is that which is arising from the introduction of the railroad.
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