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Page 44:-
Castle, all of which have been mentioned as seen from the lake. Clappersgate, with its white houses, nestles under Loughrigg, at the head of the lake; and the Brathay valley, with its pretty little church on its knoll, opens beautifully as seen from the toll-bar. From Water-head to Ambleside, there are residences, humble or handsome, on either hand. The traveller can hardly be wrong in his choice of an inn, as all three are comfortable and well served. At present there are no baths in the place;- a singular deficiency where there is so much of company on the one hand and of water on the other. The inconvenience is, however, in the way of being remedied; and it is to be hoped that another season will not arrive without a provision of this needful refreshment for the dusty and tired traveller,- to say nothing of the residents, who must desire it for purposes of health as well as enjoyment.
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