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view worthy of a mountain top, while sheltered by hill and wood, and with the main road so close at hand that the conveniences of life are as procurable as in a street. A short descent hence brings the walker to Cook's House,- the point where four roads meet. Cook's house has only just disappeared. With it has disappeared a fine specimen of the old fireplace of the district, with its chimney-corners. It is rather a drawback to the romance hanging about those wide old chimnies, to know that the good man had to sit with some special covering over his head and shoulders, to protect him from the soot that the rain brought down. At Cook's house there were recesses and cupboards in that strange roofless alcove,- the door being of the old oak of which such fine specimens may be seen in the farm-houses of the dales. We should rather say, might till lately have been seen; for we fear there are but few left. The greater number of old chests, cupboard doors, and high backed chairs, covered with carvings, have found their way to the London curiosity shops, whence agents have been sent through the wildest places in the district to buy up such relics at high prices. Still, there are specimens left, as the observant traveller will notice.
Of the four roads which meet here, the one to his left would take him to Ambleside; the one opposite, to Troutbeck. To reach his inn he must take the one to the right, which leads him straight home.
  steamer trip

The next thing to be done is to take a survey of the whole lake by a steamboat trip. During the summer, two steamers make six trips each; so that the stranger can choose his own hour, and go down or up first, as he
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