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an education as their station in society would lead them reasonably to wish. With an earnest desire, therefore, to afford Clergymen, and others to a certain extent, the opportunity of procuring the best Education upon sound Church principles, at the cheapest rate consistent with respectability and comfort, ST. MARY'S COLLEGE; WINDERMERE, has been established.
The College is placed under the direction of a Warden, Sub Warden, and Fellows.
The total Charge for each Pupil for Education, Maintenance, and Lodging, is, for the Sons of the Clergy THIRTY GUINEAS per annum, and, in speclal cases, a much lower charge, and for the Sons of Laymen, FIFTY GUINEAS per annum, under which sum is included every Charge for Instruction, comprising Classics, Mathematics, Divinity, Fortification, Vocal Music, Linear Drawing, and such modern Languages as the College may consider it desirable to teach.
A Fund will be set apart for the foundation of Exhibitions and Scholarships to the Universities, open to the whole College, and distributed according to merit.
The site of the College is central and convenient, being near the terminus of the Kendal and Windermere Railway.
Applications for Admission are requested to be addressed to the Rev. the Warden, M.A., St. Mary's, Windermere.

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