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old park, near the gate which divides those parks; and this view is from the Matterdale road - that also to Patterdale appears.
Return to the boat, and cross the lake at right angles; and having landed and gained the horse-road to Patterdale, look to the opposite side of the lake on that grand display of scenery arising from Glen Coin and Glenridden. Silvery Point, which is a part of Place Fell, stretches far into the lake, and wonderfully relieves this charming distance by the boldness of the contrast.
The finest views on Ulls Water are upon this road, and from several places between it and the water; and the tutored eye will discover, in a variety of distances, when combined with the rocky fore-grounds, a series of pictures perhaps more perfect in their kind than can be found on any other line of the same length in the north of England.



When the spectator is opposite to House Holm, and in such a situation that a line drawn from his eye to the summit of St. Sunday Crag will leave the island called Ling Holm something on the left of that line, he has then, in the opinion of the writer, the best view upon the lake. The beautiful line of shore is enlivened by a few buildings, which though of themselves large, are in comparison with other objects small. The house not long ago erected by the Rev. Henry Askew is on the right, and nearly on the extremity of the northern side of the picture. The wooded promontory which stands on the north side of Purse Bay, is seen about half a mile from the eye on the other side; at the head of the lake observe Patterdale Hall, the seat of John Mouncey, Esq.; above the hall, in swelling majesty, stands St. Sunday Crag, which, with the mountains of Grizedale and Glenridden, close this admirable scene.
From this place keep the edge of the bank about half a mile, or till the island called Wall Holm appears a little to the right of Mr. Askew's house, and that point is
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